Saturday, February 09, 2008

I have nothing in common with this man

Nothing. Whatsoever. Here is an Australian professor who is such an environmentalist wacko freak (see, it's my personal blog, so I don't have to be restrained) that he praises China--China of the forced abortions, the political prisoners, the executed Falun Gong, y'know, China--because...wait for it...they outlawed plastic shopping bags. Yes, folks, this is how environmentalists think. The heck with all that nasty, personal, comfort-loving, individualistic nonsense that they have over there in America. In communist China they know how to do things right, effectively, with authority. Achtung! They just go right out there and ban those horrible, planet-destroying plastic bags that are killing all those beautiful polar bears and melting the ice caps. Or something. We don't need no stinkin' freedom.

He complains that when people suggest such things they are accused of being Marxists. Ya think? (Says Wesley J. Smith)

Next time I hear somebody complaining about all the unpleasant individualism we have in America, about how we need to get rid of our individualism and think instead in terms of "the community," and does so not while discussing murdering unborn people but rather in the context of, say, bemoaning the evils of corporations, I'm not going to be able to help it: I'm going to think of this Australian kookball, Comrade Citizen David Shearman--"Liberal democracy is sweet and addictive and indeed in the most extreme case, the USA, unbridled individual liberty overwhelms many of the collective needs of the citizens." Sweet and addictive, huh? Such people are creepy.

Thank God I live in a country that is an "extreme case" of liberal democracy. God bless America, and pass the plastic shopping bags.

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Wesley J. Smith said...

And remember, those plastic bags are good for picking up after the dog. So, they are TOO environmentally friendly!

Lydia McGrew said...

Thanks, Wesley! Good point! And thanks for stopping by.

Actually, your point has wider ramifications. I use plastic bags and wrap all over the place for keeping things clean and preventing the accumulation of germs.

Environmentalists have won the propaganda war in the public mind so that environmentalism = cleanliness, but actually it isn't true. That sort of person is often the same sort of person who wants everyone to have composting toilets and who opposes developing countries' getting Western-style sewer systems.

William Luse said...

Plastic bags make excellent golf bag covers during a rainstorm.

I hope you're joking about the toilets.

Lydia McGrew said...

Nope. I've read news stories about it. They think Western-style sewer systems are environmentally unfriendly and "unsustainable," requiring too much fresh water. (How do you measure "too much"?) Some of them even _have_ composting toilets. Welcome back, typhoid!