Thursday, February 28, 2008

Comic and musical relief

Okay, now, just for fun. I was...rather young in 1971 when the Three Dog Night's rendition of "Joy to the World" topped the charts. And besides, I was a sweet little Baptist girl, and what would I know about rock music? It was a while more before we had a TV, and a while more after that before I saw a sappy and silly movie called something like Sunshine in the middle of which the song occurred. I don't remember a lot about the movie--a lot of motorcycle riding, a cute little girl--but the song stuck. It was cool.

In my teens, my taste in music had gone downhill temporarily. By then we were into the era of (ick) disco. But still, "Joy to the World" stuck somewhere in the back of my head. And for something like twenty years now I've been wondering how the lyrics go after "was a good friend of mine." Lyric searches are, surprisingly often, vain on the Internet because of copyright considerations, so I've only just now gotten around to trying to looking it up. And here it is.

Elsewhere on the fun front, from The Onion, here is a news flash on a new Iraqi law to require a five-day waiting period before purchasing suicide vests. Don't drink anything while watching it. It's hilarious. (HT for that one--TROP)


William Luse said...

"...was a good friend of mine,
never understood a single word he said,
but I helped him drink his wine."

And I didn't have to look it up.

Saw them live in Miami, in the early 70's, before Chuck Negron got the monkey on his back. A great concert. Most of their stuff was written by other artists, but they had a sound people loved. Two of my favorites: Try a Little Tenderness and Eli's Coming. The former, a sort of soul-rock combo, was composed by Glen Campbell, the latter by Joni Mitchell.

What a great site. I can't believe they offer full tracks. Thanks for finding it.

Lydia McGrew said...

I would have guessed you wouldn't need to look it up, Bill.

Shoot--turns out they only let you listen to the whole track 3 times.

I'll listen to the others later today.

William Luse said...

Shoot--turns out they only let you listen to the whole track 3 times.

Always a catch. They want to make money, of course.