Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Endorsement from Paul Nelson

I'm very pleased to announce that Paul Nelson, philosopher of biology and Senior Fellow of the Discovery Institute, has endorsed my work on literary device theories.

You can find his public endorsement here, with embarrassing analogies to Wonder Woman and fencing. It's good to see the word getting out. The arguments are the thing--always the ideas and the arguments.

Thursday, June 07, 2018

Only one Jesus: a series on John and the synoptics

I'm doing a series on the gospel of John and the synoptic gospels. I've made a new Gospel of John tag at W4. The posts there include all of those about my debate with Craig Evans but also all of those that I regard as falling into this series, in which I intend to lay out positive evidence for the historicity of John and for the unity of the character of Jesus throughout the four gospels. This is meant to answer the incorrect claim that the portrait of Jesus is very different in John and in the synoptic gospels. Watch for more posts in the series. Here is the latest post in it.

I also wanted to mention that I have been posting somewhat more public content on Facebook and have enabled the feature allowing people to follow my public content. Here is my Facebook page.

While I'm mentioning that, I want to stress this: Please do not take it at all personally if you send me a Facebook "friend" request and if I don't accept it. I have dozens of FB "friend" requests languishing from people, many of whom are doubtless wonderful people. It's just that I accept relatively few FB "friend" requests for reasons of privacy. There is no doubt some arbitrariness involved in which requests I click "confirm" on, which requests I click "decline" on, and which I just leave un-responded-to (this last being the majority). Generally I prefer to accept requests from people with whom I have had some direct interaction, either by correspondence or elsewhere on Facebook or on blogs, etc., where that interaction has given me reason to believe that we would get along well as Facebook "friends" and would both profit from and enjoy the interaction.

My e-mail address is lydia[dot]mcgrew[at]gmail[dot]com, and I'm available for anyone to write and ask questions that way as well.

Meanwhile, the public content is there for anyone to read and follow, and I intend for a while now to use that public setting to share more of what I'm writing on New Testament, including the on-going series Only One Jesus.