Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Update to the non-blog

A friend just told me that some people have actually left comments on my non-blog blog page. I apologize to all of you (if you check back) for not having discovered this for myself. As you can imagine, I've discovered that my resident expert was wrong and that there is no way to post technical papers and a curriculum vitae to a blogger blog page. What I really wanted was a home page, and I got that with yahoo. It is here. That page is not a blog either but gets updated on an on-going basis, which this does not.

I blog from time to time at Right Reason, the weblog for philosophical conservatism. I did blog at a page called Enchiridion Militis, run by Josh Trevino, the Internet maven of Redstate fame. Its focus was on the threats to Christendom from Islam and from liberalism. But Josh consolidated some web projects and partly withdrew from blogging, and EM was a casualty in that process. Some of the old EM folks are working on a successor site, hopefully to be up by May of 07. I'll try to remember to update here on that, but in any event, I will certainly link it on my simple home page.

Thanks, Lifeethics, for the citation. I'm glad you liked the phrase. I enjoy interacting with you guys on Wesley Smith's Secondhand Smoke, too.