Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The Melkites have a dhimmitude problem

Which at this point has definitely become an insanity problem.

The patriarch of the Melkite Church (in communion with Rome) has blamed...the Jews for the Catholics killed by Al Qaeda in Baghdad. It's a "Zionist plot" to make Islam look bad. You can't make this stuff up.

By the way, this isn't the first time. Remember when the Melkites had a conference to talk about persecution of Christians in the Middle East? It all turns out to have nothing to do with Islam. It's the Jooooos.


awatkins909 said...

It's true. I often attend a Melkite Church. Unfortunately they, along with the rest of the Church, are so concerned with inter-faith "dialogue" that they're unwilling to state the obvious: that Muslims kill them, and that Muslims consider them to be enemies.

Lydia McGrew said...

I'd heard that, too, so I wasn't _very_ surprised by the conference a couple of months ago.

But this new thing--attributing literally to a "Zionist plot" a specific act of terrorism by al Qaeda--seems to be taking denial to a whole new level of craziness.

William Luse said...

Depressing, is all I can say.

Lydia McGrew said...

Robert Spencer made what seemed to me to be a feeble attempt to say that maybe the patriarch knew everyone would know it was so crazy that he didn't mean it, or something like that. Sort of a "hostage sending a message" theory. Seems very implausible to me, I'm afraid. There's too much other data that those dhimmified Middle Eastern Christian groups really do have a real Stockholm Syndrome problem and a consequent hatred for the Jews and especially for Israel. This is just pushing it an extra step further.