Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Police state territory #2

Turns out you really can be treated as a criminal, or civilly sue-able, or finable, or something of the kind, for declining the naked-picture-or-grope regime and then simply not flying. John Tyner, the fellow in San Diego who refused both and left the airport, is being "investigated" for "leaving the security area without permission." The TSA even adds, with chutzpah, that the fine he might face is now $11,000 rather than $10,000, because $10,000 is the "old fine." Of course, that would be nothing in comparison to his legal fees. Think of the implications of this for women and children. You go to the airport, hoping you will be one of the lucky ones and not selected for this regime, but if you are, you must go through it or allow your child to go through it, or you will be punished. Still no details as to who made up this fine, how it got on the books, and who decides when it applies. A little actual investigative reporting by some news outlet on this legal situation would be helpful. Was this something put in place in the Bush administration? Was it passed by Congress? Was it meant to apply to leaving the airport, even if you were willing not to fly, without allowing the TSA to do whatever it wants to you?

HT: Josh Trevino


Anonymous said...

I'm seeing alot of dismissiveness by both the left and the right on this. One commentor known for her pro abortion stance pleaded obliviousness:

"I do not care about some stupid screener. I do not care about screeners touching my breasts and genitals in public. I do not even give it a thought -- I have nothing to hide."

And of course on the Right is consequentialism on parade.

Scott W.

Lydia McGrew said...

If she doesn't care about it, she can consent to it. I do care, and I don't consent. Whatever happened to a woman's right to control her own body? I guess that doesn't apply if a woman has the audacity to want to fly, huh?

By "the Right," I assume you mean those on in some sense or other "the Right" who are defending this? A lot aren't.

The Constitution has been junked. If it doesn't protect us against this from the federal government, it is a dead letter in more ways than we ever knew before.