Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Ayn Rand was a prophet

Rand once said that she had seen someone claiming that people had a right to, shall we say delicately, sexual satisfaction.

Well, look here. It's true. Britain is paying for the disabled to go to Holland and visit prostitutes. It would be a violation of "human rights" not to do so.


William Luse said...

What's wrong with British prostitutes? Why does the taxpayers' money have to end up in Holland?

My beautiful Britain, the land of Alfred, Chaucer, More, Shakespeare, Donne, Herbert, Dryden, Johnson, Laud, Newman, Chesterton, and on and on. It must be just about gone by now.

Lydia McGrew said...

I believe the argument was that prostitution is illegal in Britain, so British prostitutes were expected to be less clean than Dutch ones.

Perhaps I'm always looking to feel sorry for someone, but the person I felt sorry for was the man for whom the "service" was being paid. The article states that he is a virgin and has been attending "sexual education classes" and now wants to "try it out." It's like something out of a bad Woody Allen movie or a much better Walker Percy novel. This is what the modern state does for shy and frustrated people? Sends them to classes and prostitutes? Sounds to me like he needs to go to church instead and, among other things, meet a nice girl to marry!

Lydia McGrew said...

But I should imagine that claims for disability will be much higher now, especially if people have a chance of getting that therapist!

William Luse said...

What that therapist does is a form of predation.