Saturday, January 23, 2010

Music from Memory Lane

Eldest Daughter has been foraging amongst my old cassette tapes and vinyl records. She found a Steve Green tape and promptly went on-line to find digital versions of his music. She found the performance below of "God and God Alone"--which sounds just like the tape version. She has, of course, researched what Steve is up to now, and she says that he doesn't try to hit as many high notes but is still singing well. She also informs me that for an awful period later on he did sport a mullet but mercifully not for very long.

It's hard to believe he was only about thirty when he recorded this. He has a wonderfully mature voice, while looking incredibly young.



Richard D said...

The mullet period was actually earlier when he was the lead singer of a Christian rock group named White Heart. Your daughter may want to look up some of that. It was an interesting time in the life of Steve Green.

BTW - Steve sang at my parent's church a few months ago and they said it was truly outstanding.

Lydia McGrew said...

She'll look it up. She was telling me last night about the period where he was to some degree away from the Lord and then had to recommit himself to Christ.

Richard D said...

The way he describes it, I wouldn't say that he was really away from the Lord. He was performing in this Christian rock group (White Heart) with his brother and some friends he grew up with. He watched as the band members got involved in ever more worldly lifestyles and finally confronted his brother about it. He ended up leaving the band and committing his life to God in that he would live and perform music that would draw people's attention to Christ and not to him.

One of my favorite songs by White Heart is "He's Returning." If you click that link and listen to the song you'll easily recognize Steve's voice in the second singer.

This is a video version, but it is not processed well and the video is not in sync with the music. But it will let you see what Steve Green looked like during that time. White Heart was actually a very good band with good lyrics in much of their music.

Lydia McGrew said...

Looks like it's Scott Douglas (of, I'm told, well-deserved infamy, if you get my drift) who is the secon singer in the video. Steve's voice in the audio, but not in the video. That would explain why the audio is not in sync.

The version of the story I heard had one of Steve's brothers (perhaps a different one) going around talking about God until Steve told him to shut up. I gather Steve felt bad about this later...