Friday, May 08, 2009

The value of gun-ownership

More self-defense stuff: Kudos to the (for some reason) unnamed college student in Georgia who saved himself and his fellow students from murder and the females among them from rape by two armed intruders. The student pulled a gun out of his backpack, shot at one bad guy (driving him out of the apartment), ran into the room where the other bad guy was with the women, and shot him. One girl was shot accidentally but is expected to recover completely. And if I were she, I'd be thanking my defender 'til the day I died.



Todd McKimmey said...

She should be thankful.

But I bet she'll sue.

Lydia McGrew said...

Todd, you're even more cynical than I am.

William Luse said...

Did they catch the guy who ran away? I can understand the student not wanting his name in the papers.

You think Todd's a cynic? I'm waiting for whatever municipality this college is in to charge our hero with unlawful possession and discharge of a firearm. For some reason the powers that be often don't like it when we do what they would've done (supposedly) if they had been there.

Lydia McGrew said...

It's the only news story apparently anywhere on it, so I suppose we'll never know if they catch the guy who ran away.

I did think of that about the hero getting in trouble, but the tone of the article sounds like the only person the cops were interested in is the bad guy who ran away. Let's hope.