Saturday, May 09, 2009

Songs to Die for (and oldies): Amy Grant

I fear that only a small segment of my already-small readership will appreciate this post, but that's as may be. I am self-consciously dating myself here. This first song came out originally, I learn from Youtube, on the album Age to Age in 1982. That was the year I graduated (young) from high school. Amy Grant was considered rather radical in my fundamentalist crowd, a fact Eldest Daughter thinks is absolutely hilarious now. Yet we all listened to her. I have recently learned that she is only five years older than I am and am shocked to think how very young she was in 1982. Anyway, out of the blue today I found myself singing "In a little while we'll be with the Father," and I came home and introduced it to Eldest Daughter, who has found some of Grant's music already through the Internet. Favorite line: "We're just here to learn to love Him. We'll be home in just a little while."

In A Little While - Amy Grant

And then there's "Straight Ahead":

Straight Ahead - Amy Grant - Straight Ahead


William Luse said...

She was one of my daughters' first loves, due to that Christmas album that came out in the early to mid 80's, which included "Emmanuel."

Lydia McGrew said...

Way cool! She (your daughter) must have been pretty young then.

Eldest Daughter loves her music, seeing her as a sort of holdover from the days when Christian pop was worthwhile. Evidently (according to her judgment, which I trust) the quality, sheerly musically, has gone far downhill.

_But_ Eldest Daughter is quite perturbed about Grant's divorce and remarriage. We've taught her to take a dim view (!) of divorce and remarriage. It's pretty evident that the fault was not all on Amy Grant's side, though. A tragic situation all around. I've tried to strike a careful line between lowering my standards and tossing compassion out the window. The bottom line (I've told her), here as in so many other places in life, is that there is no road without pain.

William Luse said...

"the quality, sheerly musically, has gone far downhill."

I think she's probably right.

"_But_ Eldest Daughter is quite perturbed about Grant's divorce and remarriage."

I love the pure righteousness of the young, maybe because we don't get to see much of it anymore. I remember hearing about Grant's marriage problems, but don't remember the details, if I ever knew them. Just tell Bethel she's got good instincts, and that most people get divorced for the reason that one or both of the parties has ceased regarding the other as a gift from God. And that's a terrible thing.