Thursday, April 02, 2009

Quote of the week--If you don't help Herod, are you "honoring" him?

I usually don't do quotes of the week, but this one was really good.

From a commentator at Zippy's blog, apropos of Obama Catholics who defend Notre Dame in offering him an honorary degree with the "we are supposed to honor our leaders" shtick:

[T]he Magi's circumvention of Herod was in direct contrast to Paul's command to honor leaders.

That just nails it.


Madeleine said...

LOL - it definately nails it.

I hail from New Zealand which is very secular. The media here fall over themselves about how wonderful Obama is so to hear any kind of contrasting viewpoint I must google!

I came to your site just now because someone just compared me with you on my blog and then I saw this - very cool!

I was actually just cracking up at what I read on another blog, written by a fellow kiwi who shares my frustration at Obama-mania, he wrote: "I made the mistake of watching TV3 news tonight. Apparently Obama has saved the world or something and his wife has "rock star' charisma." It about sums it up.

Lydia McGrew said...

Welcome to Extra Thoughts, Madeleine. By chance your comment came in on a day when I was taking a vacation, and I'm just now getting to it. Be sure to check out What's Wrong with the World. I haven't been keeping up my blogging there as much as I should lately, but all my posts are there under my name.

I see from your profile that you were a horseback rider. I'm a would-be horseback rider. This means I don't ride (or haven't since I was a kid) but wish I could. Planning to try a lesson or two this summer and see if I can handle it.

Madeleine said...

I regularly read What's Wrong with the World, it has been on my own blogroll for some time. Despite being something of a political/philosophy machine I am still a woman and mother, and would in fact probably give myself the same byline as you, so I enjoy blogs like this one too.

I was a horserider in my teens, I competed to a reasonable level. Then adult life arrived and I realised I needed an income to maintain a horse and support myself. Then children arrived so horses were a long way off. About 4 years ago when my eldest daughter got into horses we made the decision to add a horse to our family. Then it became two (at one point 3).

On moving from a more rural South Island city to Auckland, New Zealand's biggest city where I needed to work full-time due to our change in family circumstance I couldn't justify a horse but my daughter continued and got a new horse to replace the one she had had to leave behind. He turned out to be a feisty thing so I was called in to sort him out [:-)]. I then, naturally, had to train him in the art of competition so it became "necessary" to enter competitions on him (which I won). My daughter kept him in work during the week and I competed on the weekends (she had not learned to jump or the art of dressage at that point).

Sadly a car accident last year put an end to it all. A year on, I am still a long way off from being cleared to ride, I am not even allowed to sit on a horse. I find it very hard going to the paddock and helping my daughter from the ground, being near our beloved horse, but not being able to ride.

Still there are worse things in life.

Definately plan a lesson in! It is much better to ride with some instruction than to just go on a trail ride, that way you get a sense of the art of it and you tend to get to ride a more responsive horse.

Lydia McGrew said...

So glad to hear you're a W4 reader. (W4 somehow became the designation among my colleagues, so I've picked it up. It's a joke in America, because a W2 is one of many tax forms.)

It sounds heartbreaking to have been so involved with the horse and to have to let someone else do all the riding now.

My fingers are crossed about the lessons for myself. I've had some minor and sporadic back trouble since the youngest was born 5 1/2 years ago, and that's where the block might come--if the lessons cause it to flare up.

Madeleine said...

W4 is definately less of a mouthful and much easier to type. We linked to it when it was first birthed on MandM as we have long been fans of Frank Beckwith's works and have enjoyed reading him for years.

It does pay to be careful with things spinal - as my mother says, you are not getting any younger! (Sometimes she lacks tact but she is unfortunately correct)

When I was younger I did not heed such things but then if I got injured I could lie on my bed or the couch and my parents would take care of me. The price is much higher if I get injured now, (if! if only) it affects the running of my house and those that rely on me.