Thursday, April 16, 2009

How do you pedal backwards so fast, Rick?

I always knew I disliked Rick Warren. Read about his backpedaling on supporting Prop. 8. Simply disgusting. Nothing like handing the keys of the city to the sodomites just when they are on the attack. I've got a clue for you, Rick: If you want Larry King and his friends to like'd better not be a Christian. Not one to whom Christianity means anything about, y'know, the real world.

HT Rick Pearcey


William Luse said...

What a wimp.

Lydia McGrew said...

As usual, it's getting him absolutely nowhere with the liberals. When I was googling this story to find out more about it myself and to get a link with details, you can imagine all the links I found to liberal blogs positively _ranting_ about how Rick Warren is lying about being a homophobe and so forth. Now, the truth is that he _was_ trying to rewrite history in talking with Larry King. As I reported on that business about his praising the Syrians back on W4 a year or two ago, Rick Warren has a slightly strange relationship to truth. He's so obsessed with what people think of him that he sort of babbles thing that he thinks they want to hear even when what he's saying skirts the borderland of truth and lying, and sometimes falls over. So in a sense I couldn't blame the liberals for saying he was lying on the King show. But in a sense they should be _pleased_, because he's trying to appease them. He's showing that he cares much more about what they think than about what his more conservative grass-roots followers think. Who is even marginally likely to be pleased by his babbling, "I've never been an anti-gay-marriage activist"? He wants approval from the liberal establishment so much it's like a visible aura around him. And it isn't even working. They just want to keep beating him down and beating him down as a sign that religious political conservatism has been brought to heel. Sad, sad, sad.