Saturday, October 25, 2008

A Must-See Video

Kleenex alert. You will want to have some on-hand. This is very moving. I do not know where the satellite missionary TV station "Life TV" is based. It broadcasts programs in Arabic all over the world comparing Islam and Christianity with the clear intent to convert Muslims to Christianity. This clip is from a call-in show called "Daring Question." The hosts take a call from a woman named Sana, calling from the UK, who wants to become a Christian but is terrified of her husband. She believes that if he discovers her faith in Jesus Christ, he will divorce her and take her children away. The hosts pray for her and with her.

It is sometimes hard to know what we can do about the Islamic threat to the West. Our leaders seem suicidally bent upon capitulating to the gradual warping of our laws and culture by the introduction of Islamic law (sharia) and culture. In the UK, sharia courts have even been given some sort of quasi-official status, though supposedly both parties have to "agree" to abide by the decisions of the sharia courts. (Wanna bet?) Conservatives propose that we refuse to accommodate Islam in our laws and customs and even that we limit or stop Muslim immigration, but pigs will fly before these suggestions are heeded.

But these men know that they are not helpless. They know that here we have no continuing city, and they are attacking the ultimate "root cause" of the problem--Islam itself--by direct missions efforts. I'm afraid our President really doesn't know what he's talking about when he talks about "winning hearts and minds." But these guys do. They are inviting people to Jesus Christ, the Son of God, the Prince of Peace. May God bless and protect them.

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William Luse said...

She believes that if he discovers her faith in Jesus Christ, he will divorce her and take her children away.

I'm hoping those are the least of her worries. What's the penalty under Islam for apostasy?

Lydia McGrew said...

Bill, I thought the very same thing. And she says (as translated) that her husband is a "fanatic Muslim." And, yes, the penalty is death. So she could have more to worry about than losing her children.

But the human mind refuses even to think about some things. And perhaps she knows or knows of other women who have converted and merely been divorced. From her perspective, what happens to her children is probably the biggest thing on her mind. She worries about being separated from them partly for their sake, because she wants a chance to teach them about Jesus, too.

Legally, given the sort-of-official status sharia now has in Britain, he might be able to get away with the divorce and taking away the children, and either she wouldn't be able successfully to challenge it in court or at least she _thinks_ she wouldn't be able to challenge it.

Honor killing is (for the present) just plain murder in England, so FWIW, there is the disincentive to her husband of the fact that it is illegal...