Thursday, March 13, 2008

Quick cross reference to new W4 post

I meant to write something here about hymns and songs but don't have time. But I have a new post on What's Wrong with the World that I'm rather pleased with. The writing could stand to be polished, but the structure is fairly tight, which is a pleasant thought.

A reader of W4 is a former reader of Right Reason. He is planning a paper on the subject of the role of religious beliefs in public policy, and he sent me the link to his posts on the subject on his new blog, "Being Appeared to Bloggishly." So instead of just telling him what I thought in his combox or in an e-mail, I wrote up a post of my own about it.


William Luse said...

I just got off work a couple hours ago and haven't been to W4 yet. Nor have I read his blog or your post. Whose side should I be on? I like to know these things in advance.

Lydia McGrew said...

Oops. That's what happens when I don't check my _own_ blog frequently enough. As you have by now seen, Mike and I are for the most part in agreement, though I think he would do better to go for the jugular a bit more directly on this anti-religious-beliefs principle. I'm sort of suggesting a direction for him to go by my post.

William Luse said...

Yeah, it was a stupid and ornery question anyway.