Thursday, April 17, 2014

Good Friday

I have a long Good Friday post up at What's Wrong With the World. If you want to read a post of mine for Good Friday, please do go and read it. It contains both a little bit of poetry (by a poet who is new to me) and a little bit of apologetics.

If you just want a short non-post, I sincerely wish all of my readers here a blessed Good Friday, remembering our Lord's death for our sins. The collect for the Wednesday in Holy Week has always seemed to me particularly good for all of Holy Week:

Assist us mercifully with thy help, O Lord God of our salvation; that we may enter with joy upon the meditation of those mighty acts, whereby thou has given unto us life and immortality; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.
Mighty acts. A man dying by crucifixion. I can write about it for a long time, but I don't claim fully to understand it. That's a good thing. Because if I could understand it fully, it wouldn't be one of those mighty acts, whereby God has given unto us life and immortality.

Blessed Good Friday.

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