Friday, May 24, 2013

The perfect storm of sexualizing children--choice/consent devours itself

(I know, a long period of neglecting the blog and then two posts close together. That's pretty much par for the course in blogging.)

Scott W. at Romish Graffiti has a story up about the so-called "Free Kate" movement. The short story goes like this: 18-year-old lesbian girl had a so-called "girlfriend" who was only fourteen. Parents of "girlfriend" were not happy and secretly recorded telephone conversations, which are now being mulled over by the local prosecutor for the possibility of a trial for adult-child lewd actions, given that the older girl was an adult and the younger girl was under the age of consent. The state (Florida) does have a so-called Romeo and Juliet law which puts the crime at the edge. According to that law the penalty after conviction is less if the age gap was no more than four years. It looks like the age gap in this case was right at four years.

But the perpetrator's parents and tons of activist friends are defending her actions by trying to play the victim card, claiming that "everybody does it" and that the state's law against sexual activity between an 18-year-old and a 14-year-old wouldn't be enforced if the relationship were heterosexual. Her parents would be willing for her to plead guilty to a misdemeanor, but not to a felony. The latter is the plea deal that was offered by the prosecutor. (If she agreed to that plea deal, she wouldn't have to register as a sex offender.)

Here's an aspect of this that is very important: Increasingly the "everybody does it" line is going to be used to excuse adult-child sex. I predict it. It's as sure as the night follows the day. And the reason this is so obvious is because Planned Parenthood and other organizations are aggressively sexualizing our children at younger and younger ages in the school.

This incredible story, which I don't actually recommend people read but which I link to for purposes of verification, is an eyewitness account of a Planned Parenthood-sponsored teen "sexuality conference" that involved young teens discussing pornography with adults and a lewd table display depicting a little girl in pigtails riding a tricycle (!) with the name of a female body part in large letters over her head. Arguably a great deal of illegal activity was going on at this conference given the existence of laws against lewd discussions with and presenting lewd materials to minors.

This conference was not at a school, but the young people involved were (let's just say) obviously not home schooled. Planned Parenthood has sex education programs all over the nation and is trying to run even more, and this conference tells us what they think it is appropriate to present to young teens. You simply cannot have a society where the publicly funded schools are teaching all of your children about all manner of sex acts from middle school up while maintaining a strong social and legal opposition to sex with children. It can't be done. When officially approved organizations are coming into the schools and teaching them that they are sexual beings and can consent to sex from a young age, plus giving them all sorts of how-to lessons, how in the world is that compatible with laws against children's having sex? It just isn't.

Sure, sure, the lefties, if they even begin to admit the lewdness of Planned Parenthood's materials at all, will try to tell us that, hey, they're just encouraging pan-sexual exploration between minors, not between minors and adults. Not only is that far from comforting, it also rings hollow. If one of these minor girls whose innocence was ruined when she was twelve by GLSEN or PP in her school happens at the age of fifteen to have a "consensual" relationship with a young man (or a young woman) of twenty-two, it's really difficult to say why the perverted educators who taught her all this stuff in the first place have any solid grounds on which to object, or on which to uphold laws against the relationship.

In the "Free Kate" case, the lesbian card provides a good opportunity, because this involves an alleged victim group and is therefore especially effective. But since the argument is that heterosexual couples are already doing this and not being prosecuted (which by the way does not appear to be true), there is really no stopping this argument. It's not as though Kate's supporters and her family are arguing that the law should be applied more rigorously to heterosexual adult offenders! Far from it.

I do not see how the current trend in school sex education and the left's aggressive sexualization of minors can end short of at a minimum a push for lowering age-of-consent laws at least to something like thirteen years of age. Probably, it won't end there.

We're suffering the old curse: May you live in interesting times.

Be sure to home school your kids now, y'hear?


William Luse said...

This article also backs up your contention that boys are indeed prosecuted. And this one points out that Hunt's parents initially lied about her age which, among other things, caused a Daily Kos journalist to withdraw her support; likewise with the lesbian hostess of It also turns out that Hunt had always dated boys prior to this incident.

I think I've finally figured out what makes Planned Parenthood tick: encourage young people to have lots of irresponsible sex, knowing that a fair number of them will become pregnant out of wedlock, after which PP can make a profit off them by killing their offspring.

Lydia McGrew said...

I think PP does indeed do what you say, and they can hardly e unaware that it _works_ as you say--that is, that sexualizing young people means more surgical abortions over the country as a whole.

However, I also believe that the people who run PP are perverse themselves and just consider it a good end in itself that minors be sexualized. They consider those who oppose that to be hung up and repressed. Hence, among other things, their desire to encourage homosexuality and lesbianism as well as acts that can lead to pregnancy.

Mike T said...

Hunt actually got a lesser charge than a young man in her position would have gotten in a plea bargain. For her to claim that she's being persecuted is absolutely ridiculous. If this identical scenario played out with a heterosexual young man instead, the prosecutor probably wouldn't have even offered a plea bargain.

I have a feeling that if and when they successfully slam her with the full weight of the Florida legal code over this, she'll come out of prison bitterly resenting her parents. She is risking going from a modest amount of time served to serving nearly an entire season of her life in prison "to make a statement."

Lydia McGrew said...

I linked to one case of a young man who was convicted but then used the Romeo and Juliet statute to avoid having to register as a sex offender. Evidently it's left to the discretion of a judge whether to allow that and only _after_ the conviction.

It looks like Hunt is being offered a similar deal up front without having to go through the trial and then appeal to a judge to use the Romeo and Juliet statute. Interestingly, the parents seem more willing for her to take her chances on that. I think you're right that the parents are giving her poor legal advice. One wonders what their lawyer thinks.

In fairness to the liberals on this, I shd. say that one Daily Kos writer withdrew her support and suspended a petition in favor of the perpetrator after finding out that the parents had originally lied about the girls' ages. It seems that the "difference in age equals power and exploitation" concept still resonates enough with liberals that they put up _some_ resistance to the full normalization of this kind of thing. Planned Parenthood hasn't gotten the memo, though, as they still do cover up for adult-minor relationships.