Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Some Gospel music to make you happy

I linked this a few years ago, but it deserves to be posted again. And who knows, maybe I've picked up a reader or two in the meanwhile who hasn't seen it before. Here are the Cathedrals (again) singing a joyful medley. (Don't knock the misspelling of "medley" in the Youtube video. It's probably part of what has kept this one hidden from the takers-down.)

The March weather around here is a bit gloomy for my taste, so here is something else to brighten it up. The Akins doing "I'll Fly Away." The complete song is on Grooveshark. Some great pickin'.

I'll Fly Away by The Akins on Grooveshark

If you'd like to see a generous clip of it that you can watch, here it is. (Dig the curls on the right!)

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