Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Link roundup

I can't keep up with all the stuff I want to link lately. Been wrapping Christmas presents, y'know. And just occasionally I want to write some pure philosophy.

Since this is my "extra thoughts" blog, here I feel free to do a link roundup of extremely heterogenous elements. I hope to do a brief but in some sense more real or respectable post at W4 praising Robert Bork, who just passed away. RIP, Judge Bork. You have taught me so much.

The Canadian Supreme Court is apparently going to rule on whether Canadian docs have unilateral authority to withdraw wanted "life support" from patients, with a Muslim patient's life on the line. I thought they already had that authority, but maybe they just want multiple precedents or a clearer precedent to shut up the families. Make no mistake: Even though Hassan Rasouli is on a ventilator, if he should be able to breathe on his own after it's withdrawn, a ruling in favor of the docs in this case would give them the unilateral power to dehydrate him to death.

Belgium is about to start "allowing" minors and people with Alzheimer's disease to "commit suicide." Scare quotes intentional. Um, yeah, how do you say "informed, rational consent"? So much for choice.

And if  you always suspected that the theory of anthropogenic global warming was were right. More evidence to that effect.

Phew! Now I feel a little caught up, even though I didn't have time to say anything much about any of these. Maybe I'll have time to write about them a little bit more at W4 during Christmas break!

Speaking of which: If any friend wants to comment here or write me at my e-mail address with brilliant ideas about a Christmas post, feel free.


Kristor said...

How about a quick calculation of the Bayesian probability that Jesus would fulfill the prophetic infancy prophecies? ;-)

Lydia McGrew said...

A little dry, don't you think? :-)

Kristor said...

Au contraire. I can't imagine a juicier topic, for such as frequent this site.

But I was mostly teasing; I know you want to get back to epistemology.

That said, if you were ever to undertake such an analysis, I would be *seriously* fascinated to read it.

Lydia McGrew said...

I shd. steal a Bayes factor from Prof. Hugh Gauch for Jesus' birth in Bethlehem. With attribution, of course.

But you inspire me. At a minimum, I can write something in general and biblical terms about Jesus the Messiah.