Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Booth Brothers music

The Booth Brothers are one of my very favorite Gospel music groups. They have a wonderful smooth sound, gentle humor, and genuine kindness. They're also very talented. The only thing is, it's been a little difficult to share their music on-line, because there are not all that many professional-grade videos of their music on Youtube. Most of them that are there are of them with the Gaither homecoming group. Here is a great one of them singing "Amazing Grace" with Russ Taff. Here is their video that goes with the song "Under God." (Note the allusions to Judge Moore in the latter.) Still, until recently I've been rather frustrated by the relative paucity of good-quality Booth Brothers recordings available on-line. So here are a few that are now available on Grooveshark. "While Ages Roll": This is a big fave of mine. It's classic, and they keep it moving. It took me a while to learn the melody for some reason, but now that I know it I love to sing it.

While Ages Roll by Booth Brothers on Grooveshark

"Just Beyond the River Jordan": If you don't generally like Gospel music but do like "roots" music, you might like this one. I can picture Alison Krauss recording it. It was written by Jim Brady (a member of the Booth Brothers) and his wife Melissa.

Just Beyond the River Jordan by Booth Brothers on Grooveshark

"New Shoes": Love the jazzy sound of this. It'll cheer you up on any down day.

New Shoes by The Booth Brothers on Grooveshark

"I Still Believe in the Church": If you like jazz and are Catholic and can bear the thought of a song with great jazz chords about the resilience of the church, listen to this. Sure, the Booth Brothers are Protestants and don't really mean the Catholic Church. But I think it can definitely be an ecumenical song.

I Still Believe In the Church by The Booth Brothers on Grooveshark

"Look for Me at Jesus' Feet": There are plenty of videos out there of the inimitable Michael Booth singing this one. It's so beautiful. This just happens to be my favorite recording of the ones I've heard thus far.

Look For Me at Jesus' Feet by The Booth Brothers on Grooveshark


Anonymous said...

Dear Grooveshark,

I'm one of the writers of "I Still Believe In The Church"...I'm a bit confused by your 'catholic' reference to the song unless you mean the church universal...
thanks for your thoughts,
Toni Clay

Lydia McGrew said...

I'm not Grooveshark, I'm just linking to the song on Grooveshark, but I'm happy to explain the "Catholic" reference:

What I meant is that, even though I was sure the song didn't mean the Catholic Church (and you, as the author, confirm that), a Catholic could enjoy the song in an ecumenical sense, because the Catholic himself is going to think of it as the Catholic Church.

I said that because I have some Catholic readers.

Thanks very much for commenting. It's cool to get a comment from one of the writers. It's a great song and the lyric is poetically very cleverly done. I mean that as a real compliment. I like the rhymes.