Sunday, November 20, 2011

You cannot stop lovers from making vows

It is not the fact that young lovers have no desire to swear on the Book. They are always at it. It is not the fact that every young love is born free of traditions about binding and promising, about bonds and signatures and seals. On the contrary, lovers wallow in the wildest pedantry and precision about these matters. They do the craziest things to make their love legal and irrevocable....[T]hey cut into rocks and oaks with their names and vows; they bury ridiculous things in ridiculous places to be a witness against them; they bond each other with rings, and inscribe each other in Bibles; if they are raving lunatics (which is not untenable), they are mad solely on this idea of binding and on nothing else. It is quite true that the tradition of their fathers and mothers is in favour of fidelity; but it is emphatically not true that the lovers merely follow it; they invent it anew.

From G.K. Chesterton, "The Superstition of Divorce"

In these days of confusion and great evil, in which marriage is under perhaps the severest attack it has yet sustained (an attack made possible by all the other attacks that have gone before and have weakened the foundations), we must hope and pray that Chesterton is right. For if he is right, then, though society be distorted and the minds of men darkened, the fundamental, life-affirming tradition in which a man and a woman take one another for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, will not die. It will be invented again by new generations of men and women, in whom the image of God has not been lost and upon whom the natural light yet shines.

May it be so.

Steven Curtis Chapman, "I Will Be Here"


William Luse said...

I think I can say amen to all that.

Lydia McGrew said...

Thanks, Bill. I don't know if I ever made you listen to this song before. For some reason the mp3 link isn't showing properly on Internet Explorer, but it's fine on Firefox. If you've never heard it, I think you'll like it. This is his older version. He's re-recorded it more recently, but I like the older one even better.

William Luse said...

After I refresh the page the link shows fine.

How do you keep the 4 shared logo out of the video?

Lydia McGrew said...

I can't play the link on IE even when I refresh. On Firefox I don't see the 4shared logo when I play it.

The logo doesn't really matter in this case, though, since the "video" is just shapes, right?

William Luse said...

Usually if you embed a song or video from 4shared, their logo shows up on the screen and stays there, unless you have a paid account.

A couple years ago people like me were figuring out how to keep the logo off the screen by deleting a particular piece of the URL. They found a way to stop that.

Why you can't play it in IE is a puzzle, unless you don't have the latest version of flashplayer installed. I've never had a problem with IE and 4shared.

William Luse said...

Never mind. I see what you did. You did a search on the mp3, found a link to 4shared, and used the embed from there.