Sunday, April 17, 2011

Got 'em

Two "Palestinian" young men, entirely unrepentant (of course), have been arrested in the slaughter of the Fogel family. Thanks to Malcolm and Yaacov for the links (here and here). Kudos to the Shin Bet.

It appears (from last names) that they are related to the two Fatah men whose arrest was earlier reported in WorldNet Daily. In fact, it looks like a whole lot of people in the village of Awarta are related to one another and like covering up this particular massacre was something of a family affair. The young murderers may have dreamed up the idea on their own, but their uncle and other family members helped them hide and dispose of the evidence afterwards. Charming people. But give them a state, and I'm sure all will be well./sarc

I continue to say: May the Israelis vote in a death penalty, and may their courts not strike it down. It would be a real advance.


Malcolm said...

Here is an excellent interview with Asa Kasher who co-authored the first IDF Code of Ethics

Lydia McGrew said...

Thanks, Malcolm. A fascinating interview. I couldn't help thinking as I was reading it about the insane rules of engagement put on the soldiers who went down onto the deck of the flotilla ship. There was _no_ attempt there to protect the soldiers. They were sacrificed. It was horrible. Completely unethical treatment of the soldiers. I kept thinking about the account (which I have a terrible feeling is true) of the one soldier whose abdomen was ripped open by the terrorists and who was forced to parade around the deck--because they weren't allowed to shoot to defend themselves.

So I think that what he's saying there about the soldiers having a right not to be forced to go into these suicidal situations where they go in, but they aren't allowed to defend themselves--that should be kept in mind the next time an "aid flotilla" (so-called) comes across the sea.