Thursday, February 10, 2011

Double standards

I suppose it's a bit boring to talk about double standards, but this happens to be on my mind.

Why is it, do you suppose, that one virtually never hears a person who has a big "thing" about not giving U.S. aid to Israel talk about stopping giving money to the UN? Hmmm?

one of the many, many nifty things the UN is doing: Glorifying female terrorists as "women's role models." I know you're all shocked.

But seriously. The place where people begin talking about saving our tax dollars and cutting spending tells you a lot about their priorities.


William Luse said...

So the organization that was instrumental in the founding of the Israeli state is now an official sponsor and glorifier of terrorism? Gosh, the world just won't stand still.

Does our government know about this? If so, why is the U.N. allowed to stay on our shores?

Lydia McGrew said...

Oh, as to that, there are so many "why do we have anything to do with the UN" questions that one would scarcely know where to begin. After all, the UNFPA funds the one-child policy in China. One could go on a long, long time about all the reasons for us to withdraw _at least_ our dues money, if not our membership, from the UN. But as I say, one rarely hears that kind of "right-wing nut" talk from the folks who can never stop talking about aid to Israel.

Alex said...

I can't think of any political, social, or moral principle by which Western societies are supposed to be governed at this time, which has not been tarnished somewhere by at least a double standard........