Friday, April 23, 2010

The Cathedrals singing around the piano

This is great. The combination of young and old singers here is really neat.

The young Ernie Haase is one of only two of the men there who is still with us, though of course he's no longer that young. George Younce and Glen Payne, the two elderly gentlemen, have both passed away, and the pianist, Roger Bennett, died of leukemia in 2007. It gives added meaning to the song about heaven that they sing with such gusto.

HT: Eldest Daughter


Gina M. Danaher said...

Great voices and they sure had a good time praising the Lord!

Lydia McGrew said...

They have an infectious spirit. I'm indebted to Eldest Daughter for introducing me to them. I think she got interested in them partly by way of the Signature Sound Quartet, which Ernie Haase founded and still leads. We will be going to a SSQ concert later this summer in our area, and one of my other daughters asked if we could go to a Cathedrals concert. Eldest Daughter smiled and said, "That's no longer possible on earth, honey."