Saturday, December 19, 2009

Merry Christmas--Straight No Chaser


I've never known what that song about Africa means--the one they turn into a Christmas song at the end. The SNC Christmas version is a lot better.

Fun, fun link. See also Bill Luse's post with a video of SNC in a Hardees restaurant here.

HT to my Facebook friend George.

And a blessed fourth Sundy in Advent. I hope to be able to write something more serious later this week!


William Luse said...

Ha. How'd you find that Hardee's video? It's one of my favorites. These guys are great. I learned about them from Elizabeth when she was at IU, because that's where SNC is from.

Gina M. Danaher said...

I first heard about these guys I think on our local PBS station. One of the hosts of a local show is Phil Ponce and his son Dan(?) is one of the guys in SNC. I think I have his name right because he has a brother and both of them have followed in their father's footsteps and are/were reporters for local Chicago TV news. The brother in SNC (I think it's Dan) has since quit his day job to give his full attention to the singing group. They're definitely all the rage - for the moment:-)

Lydia McGrew said...

Bill, you don't know how to search your own site? You go to Google search and put site: _immediately_ before the entire URL, including the http: part. Then leave a space after the URL of your blog and type in whatever word or phrase you are looking for. Put an exact phrase in quotation marks, of course. Just as you would in a regular google search. I've used it on my own blog. There are just a few sites it doesn't work on for some reason. But it does on yours. That's how I found that post.

Gina, I hadn't realized they are the rage now, because of course this video is 1998. I gather they have an ever-changing membership because of being a college group. The guys in the video at Bill's blog look _so_ young.

The thing that strikes me about the 1998 video is how clean-cut they look. I hope they still do in their performances. Suits, yet. It's a breath of fresh air. And just a fun song. Nothing tacky.

Gina M. Danaher said...

Lydia, I am a little fuzzy on this but if I have the story correct as I have been hearing it on the radio and from friends, the performance in the 1998 video is from their college days. For some reason they decided to resurrect that performance and because they aren't all in the same area, they put the performance on You Tube so each guy could review his part and learn it all over that way. In the meantime it became a big hit on the internet which has been the motivation for them to get serious about making this their day job. I'll ask my good friend and neighbor to give me the whole story again to make sure I've got that right. She had filled me in on these guys a couple months ago just about the time I was hearing them interviewed on radio and TV.

William Luse said...

"Bill, you don't know how to search your own site?"

Look at Lydia going all techie on me. I will admit, though, that I didn't know how to search in quite that way.

Lydia McGrew said...

Gina, cool story. If IU still has a different set of guys singing under that name, the "old" group will have to probably come up with a new name. But it sounds like maybe that's not the case.

Bill, you can thank me by reminding me how to embed grooveshark audio. They've changed the format on the site, and last night I couldn't figure out how to do it again. They have a great version of Glad singing "Break Forth, O Beauteous."

Lydia McGrew said...

Never mind. I figured it out!