Friday, August 07, 2009


Dear friends,

As most of you learned from the comments below, it turned out that I had a much more serious problem with my ankle and foot than the original reaction to the insect sting. Apparently some nasty germs (either strep or staph) got into that tiny little wound, perhaps with the initial sting, and I've been in and out of the ER and doctor's offices over the course of the week getting large doses of antibiotics for a subcutaneous infection. I've learned a lot of medical stuff I never knew before. I'm beginning to think that a certain amount of medical knowledge is necessary for any layman these days.

I thank you all for the prayers I've been assured of. It appears that we are on the upward trail, now, but it's a rather slow and even somewhat unnerving trail. Wearing a shoe, and especially walking with a shoe on, is still a challenge, and the question of the County Fair, to which we always go on the second Monday in August, is looming rather large in the mind of Youngest Daughter, who wants to go see the horses, pigs, sheep, goats, etc., etc.

I've been working on that "offering up" thing. It turns out that it doesn't seem to make a whole lot of psychological difference, or at least not a bad one, if one prays in the tentative way I suggest in the comments in the previous post rather than expressly designating a recipient for one's "offering up" and telling God how to do it. Also, being up in the night unable to sleep does allow one to pray for other people. I'm very grateful for getting good sleep the last few nights, though.

I will probably be putting up a few posts about Obamacare on this blog. It wearies me to discuss it with the many liberals, not to mention socialist-sympathizing conservatives, on a larger blog, and there have been a number of items I've wanted to put up on the subject. So stay tuned.


William Luse said...

Hope you get to the fair. It's important for your kid to see the animals. (Don't ask me why.) Don't be shy about renting crutches or a wheelchair.

"...rather than expressly designating a recipient for one's 'offering up' and telling God how to do it."

Perhaps you meant asking him if he wouldn't mind doing it. Or you could just say, "God, do with it what you will."

I wonder: is it all right to ask him if he wouldn't mind please making your foot better real fast? Or is that too trivial since you know it will heal eventually, though slowly?

Good luck with the many-tentacled Obamacare monster. If you can figure out how it's supposed to work, you'll have my envy, and gratitude.

Lydia McGrew said...

I'm thinking of trying to go to the fair later in the week. Monday would be nicer, because it's very quiet on that first day. No rides open, just animals. But better late than never!

Believe me. I sure am asking him to get me better soon. If it's his will, of course! I don't try to cut out prayer requests on the grounds of triviality. I have just been puzzled a bit about the offering up thing because it's so different from any normal modus operandi that we seem to see indicated elsewhere, like in Scripture for instance. But in general, Jesus says, "You have not because you ask not." So I'm askin'!

I don't have Obamacare all figured out, but it sure looks bad.

alaiyo said...

Praying here for your quick recovery, Lydia, and that you are up to going to the fair tomorrow if at all possible. I look forward to your posts on Obamacare, too -- it seems a frightening turn for our country, but at least the natives appear to be getting restless about it. (I always think it's a good thing when the Dem leaders start saying irrational things like, "they can't be real protestors, they're dressed too nicely"!)

Tim said...

Thanks, Beth. They've just taken me off of all antibiotics, about a week earlier than they meant to, because I started having another allergic reaction this morning. I can't help wondering at this point if there are any antibiotics I'm _not_ allergic to! But the ankle is definitely on the mend, and they seem to think we can have good hope that the natural immune system will do it from here. I'm now hoping to be able to do a somewhat abbreviated visit to the fair, but still with a chance to see a lot of stuff, on Monday.

I see that Frank Beckwith has put up a post about the Obamacare counseling sessions on W4, which was one of the topics I wanted to get back to. I hope to join in there later. Power has been out for a big chunk of the afternoon here after some spectacular weather. :-)

Lydia McGrew said...

Sorry, Beth, that was me above.