Thursday, February 26, 2009

Comic relief

I have been doing taxes. This is not fun. It will give me a break to pass along something funny. (HT Esteemed husband)

If you want to read a normal and serious blog post on a (very) serious subject from me, here is my most recent post at W4.

But now for something completely different. I thought the appeal of this might depend on one's being of a (ahem) age to have heard it a bit closer to its original time period, but evidently not. All three of the young McGrews, even the one who usually thinks jokes are "weird," have been going around singing this and laughing their heads off. So I guess it has age-transcending humor value.

Poor elf. I hope someone can help him out.


Todd McKimmey said...

This is funny.

Lydia McGrew said...

I thought so. I laughed like crazy when I first saw it. The elf looks so sad, and it really does sound like that, which is totally unexpected.

Beth Impson said...

It took me a moment to get it. (I'm often slow, but especially on Friday evenings.) It's hysterically funny! Thanks for sharing.