Sunday, January 08, 2006

This is (really) not a blog

I've signed up for my own blog page in the hopes that this will provide me a place to post my curriculum vitae on-line and also some papers. The idea is that right now it's very hard to find "me" on the Internet. It was drawn to my attention last year that someone on a blog referred to me as a "bad-ass epistemologist." (No, I don't have his URL but will eventually look it up.) I can't to this day figure out how he had heard of me, because nearly all of my publications are buried in paper journals. This is good for the look of the vitae but bad for anyone who is trying to find out who the heck I am. I post on Right Reason, the blog for Conservative Philosophers (google it), and even there I have no place for a vitae. As a non-academic, I have no personal web page. So last night I asked my resident expert (my husband), "How can I get a web page of my very own to which to post papers?" His answer was to get a blog page and post papers there. I still feel skeptical about whether this will work. I really don't want to post my papers as verrry long blog entries. So I may need his expertise. For the moment, I'm just trying to get this page to show up--when I type in its supposed URL, I get a message that it doesn't exist. So maybe it requires an initial entry to prime the pump. Here goes!

5 comments: said...

I hope you get this. I used your line, today, at the Texas House State Affairs Committee special meeting in Houston on stem cells.
"'Embryos don't die in car wrecks," these embryos are created and die in dangerous circumstances."

John Howard said...

Hi Lydia,

It's almost been a year since your last blog post! That's even worse than me. What will the next year bring?

I like your comments on Wesley Smith's blog.

Freedom said...

Welcome to the blogosphere. Can't wait to read your papers!

Richard D said...

bad-ass epistemologist? Was this person accusing you of being anally retentive in your worldview?

Lydia McGrew said...

It was a compliment. A technical philosophical term. ;-)

Of course, now I _do_ have my own page for papers, vitae, and stuff:


Recently Tim accidentally deleted one of my papers (since restored) called "What Grandma Can't Know" by coincidentally choosing the same PDF name for a piece of genealogical material he was uploading as a blind link. Poof. The Grandma paper disappeared, and I got a puzzled question from a student, "Tim recommended to me your paper 'What Grandma Can't Know,' and it's a family tree??" The link now has a new name and the paper is back. :-)